Sewing Darts

If you have any troubles, questions, or suggestions please add them in.

1. Mark dart onto WRONG side of fabric.

2. Use pins to line up chalk marks when folding.

3. Pin along folded edge ending with a pin at the tip.

4. Line up the middle of the presser foot with the line and start wide end of the dart. Be sure to backstitch.

5.Sew along chalk line. When you are at the tip stop and turn the hand wheel to catch the edge for two stitches.

6. Pull a tail and go back and stay-stitch on the outside edge of the dart. Be careful you do not pull the thread tight as this will cause the tip to pucker.

7. After you stay-stitch cut the threads. Be sure to leave long ends for tying. Tie a knot three time and cut the thread ends.

8. Press the dart to one side being careful not to iron a crease into the tip.
9. Flip fabric right side up onto a tailors ham and iron to round off and ease the point into the seam.